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The Waterfall at Jubilee Creek

When we were still bright-eyed youngsters in school, reading at least one Dalene Matthee book as part of the Afrikaans syllabus was part of the high school experience. She created characters that were utterly fascinating to us. She brought 19th century life in the Tsitsikamma region to life in our mind’s eye. She painted vivid picturess of the Knysna forest with her words. She basically summoned us to go see this marvelous part of South Africa for ourselves.

Each time i travel through the Garden Route, i do my best to make a turn through the forest at least once, as we did on a recent trip. That-Man had introduced me to a place called Jubilee Creek when we were still dating, and we decided it was high time we returned. So off we went for a day in the forest.

There are two delightful picnic sites on the way: one at Krisjan-se-Nek (at the Dalene Mathee memorial, which is also the start and end of the Circles in the Forest hiking route), and one at Jubilee Creek (next to a burbling stream).

Now, we love driving through the forest and lazing around in the green grass, savouring our picnic delicacies, but the reason we like to come to Jubilee Creek is the waterfall. A leisurely 30 minute walk through the forest delivers you to a secluded waterfall, which fills a small pool with icy mountain water. On a hot day the water rewards guests with a refreshing respite from the heat. The sound of the waterfall calms the mind. The smell of forest and water combines to soothe the soul. The sight of sunlight dappling through the leaves into the clear forest water reminds us that today is an extraordinarily ordinary day to be alive.


Any day is a good day to visit, but certain routes may be closed after heavy rains or in case of fire, so bear that in mind when you plan your visit.


From Knysna, head west on the N2, and after a few kilometres, turn right on the Rheenendal Road. Just before you reach Rheenendal, turn right. The Garden Route National Park entrance is about 2 kilometres on this road. Follow the road signs to get to Jubilee Creek picnic site, and hike from there along the Waterfall Linear Route.


• South Africans – R35 per adult; R18 per child

• SADEC Citizens – R69 per adult; R35 per child

• Foreigners – R138 per adult; R69 per child

Additional fees are charged for the Drupkelders and for cycling permits. Please check with the park office for more information.

Entrance fees as of 30 April 2019, according to the SANParks website.

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