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It's All In The Beans - Truth Coffee

Last year in June we visited Cape Town and I sneaked this one item on the list of places we needed to see. What a pleasant start to your day. A year before this I met a client in Cape Town and chose this spot. Truth had just been named the best coffee shop in the world. It was probably not the best place for a meeting, but my interest was piqued.

Even their website is mesmerizing, and that is not a word I frequently use. The warmth and uniqueness just speak to you from the photos, and it’s easy to see why it has become one of my favourite places in Cape Town.

Just a few months ago we had a few hours in Cape Town, waiting for our flight to Kimberley, and a friend agreed to pick us up for a couple of hours in Cape Town. My choice of where to spend our time was a no-brainer. Truth had once again been voted the best coffee shop in the world, so we grabbed the opportunity to celebrate with them.

For those of you who have never visited, the experience starts when you are met at the door. It is like walking into "Alice in Coffeeland". A friendly greeter with a huge hat and black waistcoat welcomes you at the door and shows you to your table. During the winter you’re welcomed by cozy fires warming the interior, cocooning you on a wet and cold Cape Town winter’s morning.

The interior has a steampunk air to it. The smell of coffee is experienced long before you enter the workshop. I use this word because the buzz and energy can best be described as a bustling workshop. This adds to the ambience and in a very peculiar way it all fuses together to make it a very pleasant experience.

But obviously the proof is in the coffee, and in this fundamental aspect they nailed it. I highly recommend a taste for every coffee lover. They roast their own coffee beans, and you can buy both beans and ground coffee at the shop. You can also choose the way you want it ground: for French press, filter or espresso. They cover all the bases. I had my regular cappuccino, my friend a latte and my non-coffee drinking angel a baobab and aloe juice.

We were slightly hungry and ordered toasted sandwiches, but calling those creations toasted sandwiches simply does not suffice. They were voted unanimously to be amazing. Although coffee is their core business, the food doesn’t stand back an inch.

As we stood up to leave, I was just struck again by how privileged Capetonians are to have this gem. For those of you who have not visited Truth, make a plan to get there. You will not be disappointed.

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