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Photo Alphabet

A long, long time ago in a land far, far away, i watched a television show and saw how someone used her photo hobby to create letter photography.

Letter photography?

Most people don’t know the term, but ever since that day watching that show, i have collected photos of anything and everything that looks like letters, and eventually my collection was large enough for me to start building my own words, which led to my letter photography business.

Here are some stories behind some of the photos and words that have inspired me.

What is this? At first glance it might look like an alien life form straight from a Star Trek movie, but we found this treasure in the Knysna Forest. (Read the full story here)

Have you ever watched a penguin walking? Can you even call it walking? Let’s settle on the term “waddling.” Anyways, we had a boatload of fun exploring Boulder’s Beach and getting close to the tuxedo birds, and eventually they offered us some truly unique letter photos. (Read the full story here)

This train has a red nose and used to work only when it was really cold outside. The Verkehrshaus in Switzerland has many lessons to teach us about transport. (Read the full story here)

You don’t want to be left standing on the dock when the ship sails. You want to be part of those who see the world from every possible perspective. You want to see the mountains and the castles and the villages from the water. (Read the full story here)

None of our letter photos were taken in a more ordinary, even humble place than this letter, and yet it’s still a jewel in our collection. (Read the full story here)

What seems impossible, may only need some time and persistence, as this waterfall taught us. (Read the full story here)

What is better than watching the clouds gather late in the afternoon in a desert, then pour out its contents over an arid landscape before the sun appears to paint everything in new colours? (Read the full story here)

This isn’t some rock formation way out somewhere in a desert canyon. It’s part of a dune next to the coast in the Garden Route. (Read the full story here)

If there is one thing Rome specialises in, it is beauty, even if it comes with some bloodthirsty history. (Read the full story here)

Maybe the most well-known architectural structure of the Karoo is the trusty “wimdpomp.” This is an ode to a trusty workhorse which created the possibility for small towns to thrive throughout the interior of South Africa. (Read the full story here)

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