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From One Hole To Another

There are two holes in the stories that follow. First of all, there’s the Hole-in-the-wall, a magnificently carved stone on the Wild Coast of South Africa, created through the ages as water from the Indian Ocean and the Mpako River beat against sandstone. And then there is the man-made Big Hole of Kimberley, dug by the hands of miners over a period of 43 years, turning a hill into a hole in order to extract diamonds from the earth.

When you travel from one hole to the other, you encounter many ordinary and extraordinary natural wonders, people and moments. Here are some highlights from one hole to another, and a few things inbetween.

Ever since i was a little girl exploring the books in our library, the otherworldliness of this rock attracted my attention. Recently i had the opportunity to pay a visit myself, and i can thankfully say that the photos don’t do it justice. (Read the full story here)

How many times do the sun set in a day in the Karoo? We discovered that it all depends on your perspective and the features of Creation. (Read the full story here)

Can you here the song of the swallows echo in the Valley of Desolation? Yes. Can you find a cathedral in the heart of the Karoo? Almost. Can a turtle wear a photographer down? Definitely. The end of a road trip can still be filled with wonder at our world. (Read the full story here)

Combining a deep love for the expanses of the Karoo – a seemingly desolate place that covers much of the interior of South Africa – with letter photography has brought us to some extraordinary encounters in ordinary places. (Read the full story here)

Join us on a walk down memory lane as we ponder how the ordinary windmill brought life and agriculture to an arid part of our country. (Read the full story here)

Of course, this doesn’t even begin to cover all the wonder between these two holes, but it does illustrate that there is much to be appreciated in ordinary and extraordinary places. i know that when i pause long enough, i am sure to find something to appreciate almost anywhere.

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