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My 10 Step Training Schedule For The Annapurna Circuit

Last year we decided to tackle something we’d dreamed about for many years: hiking in the Himalayas. Being an ordinary desk-bound woman with absolutely no physical fitness to boast about, this might seem like an odd choice, but our dreams are usually dreamed from a position of hope not limited to our current circumstances. The journey to the Annapurna Circuit was definitely neither smooth nor uneventful, but filled with the ups and downs that echo every person’s daily lives. This is my journey from the plains of Africa to the mountains on the roof of the world.

Purposely allow yourself to be inspired, but not while you should actually be out training.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself scrambling upwards as fast as a snail through a puddle of honey. Eventually this brings you to a place from where your perspective is changed and you can see the whole picture.

In the Karoo you’ll spend a morning listening to music not bound by rules of rhythm, melody and harmony, only to find yourself out of breath in the afternoon, chasing after a turtle.

Join a gym and experience the way a dumbbell grows as heavy as a Volkswagen beetle as the seconds tick by. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be finished.

Along the way i uncovered a secret plot by the Fashion Illuminati to promote the circus clown look for all women with curves.

You know something is really, truly, awfully inedible when That-Man won’t have it. As is the case with Nepali re-hydrating medicine.

Kimberley is almost as flat as a pancake, which is an accusation no-one could bring against Kathmandu. And while many vehicles in Kathmandu often drive on the left side of the road, they’re found almost as frequently everywhere else.


Just cross the Ring Road and keep going.

The first indication that we were saying goodbye to our carefully laid out training plans were the word “Shortcut!” from the lips of our new friend.

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