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Hotdog #3 - Onions Galore

There is only one rule in our kitchen: DON’T FORGET THE ONIONS. So while we were exploring one of the most remote corners of our country, we combined some of our favourites to create a unique little hotdog – the Onions Galore Hotdog.

We were relaxing at Fiddler’s Creek, a campsite on the banks of the Orange River close to Vioolsdrift. Our campsite was right on the water, and it was laid out in such a way that you could watch the river rafters passing by while you turned over meat on the grill. For those of you who consider a braai a therapeutic escape from the hectic pace of everyday life, this might very well be one of the most idyllic spots for a peaceful fireside retreat.

As we were some distance from a convenience store, we had to improvise hotdog buns, so we decided to start with our roosterkoek recipe and work from there.

For the buns:

Mix together 1kg of flour, 1tsp of salt, 1 packet of instant yeast, 2tbsp of butter and about 4 cups of lukewarm water, then knead it well until a firm dough is formed. It should not be too soft or too tough, just right (like Goldilocks’ porridge.) Then leave it in a hot corner to rise until it has doubled in size, and knead again. Leave it in that same corner until it has doubled again.

Next slice 4 red onions and 2 white onions about3-5mm thick.

Prepare a packet of boerewors by measuring out pieces just a little longer than the buns and twisting it to separate the pieces. Then cut the boerewors at these twists.

Now to the braai:

Use a steel pan on to prepare the caramelized onions. Melt some butter in the pan, add the onions and fry until it just starts to soften. Add some vinegar and sugar. Depending on your camping pantry and personal preferences, it could be ordinary vinegar, balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar or any other such condiment. Also, any sweet substance will do, whether white or brown sugar, honey, jam or syrup. The principle here is to add something sour and something sweet, in order to create a balance in the taste, as well as form a sticky, caramelised sauce. Stir constantly to prevent the onions from burning until the sauce has reduced.

In the meantime, form the dough into long buns and place on a piece of foil spread out on the grill. Turn around regularly until it’s done. It will pop back if you gently press into the bun with your finger.

While the buns are on the grill, add some boerewors and turn over from time to time until it’s done.

Finally, assemble the hotdog. Slice open the hotdog and spread with butter. Add a thick layer of onions, then a juicy piece of boerewors, and finally some more onions. Then sit back and enjoy.

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