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Fitness Journal - Reaching for the Sky - Part 1

2016 03 23

Since my previous attempts at becoming a long-distance runner in my mid-twenties, i ‘ve married that-man-who-laughs-at-me, and he taught me how to cook. That sentence should tell you where i started off this year, with a few goals in mind: The Kathmandu Half Marathon in October, the Annapurna Circuit in November, and Everest Base Camp in March next year, with a BMI of just over 30 and no fitness level to speak of.

Almost three months after i’d embarked on this journey, i must confess that i am still at the same weight, although i may have slightly stronger legs. This year started off well enough. Having suffered through Christmas and New Year with a sore tooth - eating nothing but small amounts of yoghurt 5 times a day to be able to drink two courses of antibiotics and some very pleasant, potent pain medication - my first weight measurement in January was only 1 kilogram heavier than my pre-Christmas scale reading. My motivation soared, and i worked out an action plan for the year.

i started walking 2 or 4 kilometres a few days per week, and then we started travelling throughout South Africa for a business project. We had to take photos all over the country, and often those photos were only obtainable after hours of strenuous hiking. Well, to be honest, it was strenuous for this hiker, but that-man didn’t experience it with quite such dread as i did.

We returned home for two weeks, and with the amount of work to finish before our next trip, i neglected my new walking habit, only to be hiking some tough trails again in February. By the time we returned home after the second trip, i was once again preoccupied with my office duties, and walking was pushed far down the priority list.

March arrived, and with it a sense of realisation that i was basically two months behind with my exercise goals. Well, the only thing to do when you realise this, is to decide what to do next. Either give up your goal or start again. i chose to start again. Phase 1 of the Master Motivation Plan sort of “happened” to us. When we went looking for a movie to watch two weekends ago, there “Everest” was on the shelf. We rented it and purposely allowed ourselves to be inspired.

Well, the only thing that could happen, did happen: we started walking again; 4 to 8km per day, two out of 3 days. We live in a flat city at a medium altitude, which offers less-than-desirable training opportunities for hiking in the Himalayas, but we make the most of what we have.

Phase 2 in the Master Motivation Plan was to download some Youtube videos to watch when we ran out of motivation. Well, these were promptly downloaded and watched, and almost cost us a day’s exercise. One useful tip: Do not watch motivational videos during your daily exercise time. You’ll want to keep on watching instead of head out for a walk.

Well, this is where i am now:

BMI 30.69

Walked this week – 10km

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